Thank God is Saturday

Although I'm not white collar, but I'm always looking forward to Miss Saturday.

She brought the sunshine into my miserable week, I take her as the begining of my week.

I fancy her so much that I can't describe it in word but food. Miss Saturday is my favorite CHOCOLATE.

(Better off GODIVA CHOC, well I'm trying to give a hint to someone)

A tinge of joy crept up on me, so I woke up early in the morning to save up a weebit more time for Ms Sat.

I was a day off from my (soul-) mate, he went to cameron highland, with his DSLR, but ended up playing mahjong and eating hotpot.

(And you must be astounded to hear that he've never been there before, though he claimed that he'd been there just that he was too small to remember anything).

Anyway, I'd nobody to chat with me in the morning. I got bored within second and still I was reluctant to fish the whole stack of journal out of the carry bag.

For god sake, who will read journal (which related to pity child and poverty) to spoil her big saturday?! NOT ME.

I used to indulge myself every second, especially Saturday. Also, my new year resolution is: Free myself from journal reading whenever I want.

So the highlight of Saturday was doing nothing but create my own series of TGI SATURDAY in that morning.

(Don't tell me you don't know what is TGI Saturday, U must have tried TGI Friday before!)

You could enjoy lying on the bed without any though, deluded or annoying though.

Where I would enjoy the day by pretending myself was having autumn winter shot for DIOR cosmetic.

(A absolute Shameless person)

Smiling good, good smile make a guy madly in love with you for age.

This scence was like captured in one of the smoky temple.. DIOR in temple?

My chubby face do annoyed me, when my mate complain over my big face during photo shooting.

But what can I do? Are you going to sponsor me Botox injection?

To be honest, I start loving my chubby face…

And I enjoy it~

Without eyes, my face is big.

It still big with eyes open.

This indicates my face is big and irrelated with the existance of eyes.

Accept the fact and love you are what you are.

Stay cool, when people are rude and unreasonable.

In fact, I've never stay calm when people are rude, they get on my nerves,

I need to cry to my mate and made him comfort me.

I found my soothing pill, my soul mate. I smile because of him.

Even when I'm alone, I smile to the mirror with the image of him in my mind.

This is the damn boring series of TGI Saturday.

Now you can see, the only intention to write blog is to please myself.

Undo laundry, unfolded cloths were sleeping on the chair,

well should be is sleeping on the chair, it remains the same until now,

Jsk jsk jsk.. you can see what kind of women I am.

My saturday didn't end like that, I went to somewhere else along with my journal (regarding pity child and poverty),

I indulged myself again n again that day, in return I read the journals,

based upon the principle of mine, you suffer while you're enjoying,

so I made my self suffer by reading journal when I was feeling superb~

(Soul-mate: Gila betul!!)

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