Good day, cold day in sheffield

I arrived Sheffield last night, met few weirdos with unzip pants.

I sneak away with calm, I always look no fear when I'm alone,

"nothing can scare you" whispering into my ears.

I'm not that bravery, but expose your nervous is not helping.

This few days, I keep straying back to the time in Malaysia.

How good it will be if I manage to go home now,

but it could be worst if I're still staying in Malaysia now.

No point to think about chicken or egg came first. Get real.

So, I'm now sitting in Sheffield University's library,

my hand is almost frozen, and my stomach is growling,

cold and hungry is the scene in THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL.

I've never expect the weather of sheffield can be so cold,

and didn't get to know cafeteria is closed during summer.

My cloths is too thin to warm myself even in library,

I wish to have toast and egg scrumble for breakfast,

I wish to reward them a pair of wings or legs,

so they could fly or walk along the street to my mouth.

Again, I've some sort of illusion of being fed by mobilised toast and eggs.


It wont come if I don't pay a walk.

Well, I really feel well in Sheffield.

I gonna manipulate my lower limbs to walk and upper limbs to grab food now.

Ok, will update my ordinary but immersed in a speck of joylliness life soon.

After my presentation, Emergency party is needed!

Good luck to myself!


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