Strayed me

I was bombarding with myself a lot of positive though.
I'm currently in a stage which is extremely unstable, I'm strayed.
Suprisingly, I'm glad that I'm being alone and staying in a place that nobody know me.
I can walk out with a haggard look, with head down or nose up,
I'm a stranger in this strange country.

I get to know I'm not eligible to apply euro rail pass, as I've been staying in europe country
for more than 6 months, according to the wedsite, we are considered as resident.
A non PR resident, how irony. I've nothing here.

Everything happened in the past is just an tiny incident, I can't tell the detail of it,
but the followed grief is killing me. It seen like, collecting sadness is one of my hobbies.
How on earth, I got this kind of chronic disease.

I though I had someone who constantly giving me fully support and help, and now I lost and lose it.
My friend said this could be a challenge to you, this sound so familiar, which I told someone few years ago,
life is a cycle, and finally this advice back to me.

We always know the theory, but the hardest thing is how to practice it.
Like my piano test, I score high in theory but lower in practical part, I'm always good in theory huh?!

As well dreaming in an idea world.


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