My friend was asking me why on earth I need to make my days so stress.
I'm not intend to do so, but pending task is killing me at the midle of night,
it wake me up so violently, just for that remaining 10% of work, sigh…
I'm wondering sleeping pill might has become a lure to me,
I would grab it without second though, if I're standing infront the "good night sleep"
shelf in Boots now, no matter it would cost a fortune.

All this is an assumption I'd made only at the middle of night with my eyes opened alert.
I manage to hold myself during daytime, cause sleeping pill and constipation pill,
resemble the side effect of drug, ur body might get addicted and consequently impair
your normal body function.. this is me I think so much before I take any action,
except buying cloth online and in TK maxx… hehehe XD (no harm to my health)

Anyway the problem will continue and nothing could ease me into a good night sleep,
before I print out my dissertation and bind it in the library and and and submit it.

Again, my friend asked me if sleepless night is all because of my dearest mate?
It is a good reason if it is. Since, he is coming over to my place this afternoon,
so if he is the sleeping pill that I need, tonight will be a restful night, phew~

p/s: I cant believe I've sleepless night for 3 consecutive weeks.. Buddha bless me.

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