very good morning

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After snuggles toward my mate more than haf an hour,and finishing all the childish tricks, we slowly get off the bed, quickly switch away from each other like a ninja and turn our nb on. I started checking mails and surfing around the blogs and facebook I used to visit every morning. What does he use to do ? Well, I’ve taken glances on him and his screen but I see nothing. Nothing doesn’t mean nothing on the screen but nothing reflected in my mind through my eye balls. Until he feels hungry, usually I’d be the first grabbing skimmed milk from the fridge and throw some cereals in.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 9.42.57 AM

But this morning, I should have something special, I wanna jump off the track. Hot chocolate, Holland traditional biscuit that I brought from Holland and a peach. Can you believe This biscuit can serve as toast spread, it can be eaten like a ham place between slices of toast. But we prefer the ordinary way.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 9.43.07 AM


Break the cookies into 2 and dip into drinks like coffee, chocolate or milk. The first time we tried it in Holland with a cup of chocolate which fascinated us hence I purposely went to local store to bring it home. The second time, we had it with cuppucino, we both are not coffee lover and we hate its bitter taste. The sweetness of this cookies balance the bitter taste without adding extra sugar. We enjoyed the cup of cuppucino happily, licking our lips and hoping for next piece. Slurp~

My hot chocolate was made from pure chocolate powder without adding extra sugar, it taste so sour and bitter. The sense of regret expanding deeep inside me, I should not switching brand that I used to. Although this can be solved easily by adding 3 tea spoon of sugar, but I loath scooping sugar into my cup of drink, I’ll feel so guilty especially if it all goes into my tummy.

After finishing 2 pieces of them, I swallow the rest of the chocolate drink like drug.

I must find out the solution.


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