Weekend lunch

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 9.48.38 AM

Weekend meals are always different from weekday meals.
Most of the people is having busy time on weekdays, hence,
meals on weekdays are simple, easy and tedious, or maybe
fast food, take away or dine out. Weekend will then be the days
for something special than usual.

I’m not a full time worker, but I spend too much time on defragmenting,
anlyzing and finally resuming myself back to the starting point.
Plus, I’m a weekday vegetarian, so weekend is probably the best days of the week,
to have everything I’ve been craved for.

Today focus is on sweet and sour chicken, I know the picture is not focus on it.

Sweet and sour chicken is a very ordinary dish in Malaysia,
almost every restaurant get it delicious, but not in UK,
I got to roll my sleeves up and do it by myself to get the right taste.
And I finally did it last Sunday, which was supper yummy,
not to exagerate but it really taste better than loads of UK Oriental restaurant
produced sweet and sour pork/chicken.

That afternoon we’re so happy with our lunch, and we’d saved up almost 20pound
for rubbish chinese cuisine out the street. But it would be really great,
if I didn’t burn my Cantonese style porridge and my Le Crueset pot.
(It would be a completely disastrous if I burn my pot and not getting my sweet and sour chicken right.)

I’ve started working in a boutique near to my house (just 5minutes distance),
they offer me 2days a week, I was keen for more days, but I found it’s rather boring,
so I hope I could get another job from somewhere else, hopefully subway?

I sigh for jobless when I’m not working but cry for boring when I’m working,
until I saw an indian brought her CV to the shop with a desperate face,
I recall I was like that before I got a job, at that moment I’m appreciate the tedious work.

Now, I can see the hope to travel around Europe again, Yipeee~


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