Transformed red bean crisp

Red bean crisp

Red bean crisp

I had hoped to see a multi-layered red bean crisp, but the resulted white babies looks cute,

taste like red bean pao, honestly this is the best product of a spoilt process.

As if I were a failed witch, who always produce unexpected things from her poor magic.

red bean crisp

red bean crisp

If you don’t know my intention you can’t tell these are failed product.

Of cause, I’m not going to show you the recipe, as I messed up the materials,

I added a wrong quantity of flour to dough A and B, luckily some thing gross didn’t happen,

as I kept adding flour to dough A and adding butter to dough B to balance it back.

Yet I didn’t follow the flour that requested on the recipe, as I don’t know what is it in english,

and I don’t see where could I get it (might try to seek it in china town).

However the biggest problem of mine is lack of kneading skill,

I almost sprain my wrist to knead the dough.. it’s not only tiring,

but wasting time as well…

cute little fair babies

cute little fair babies

The whole article sound like the limitations of my “experiment”.

What a shame, I don’t feel like to improve/redo it, I gonna go back Malaysia and take a kneading course.

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