Low fat low carb cake as breakfast

Non baked low carbs cake

Non baked low carbs cake

The other day, I was happened to read a culinary blog,
it intrigued me to bake such a fuffly cake in a nice morning.
I was almost ashame to admit I read it while I was working in the boutique,
the low traffic quite shop was not a good excuse, but the online-cabled pc,
I don’t see why we need to access to internet, aren’t they purposely strike us to do so?!

What so ever, I’m glad I had used it wisely and found out few great blogs,
all of them filled the spaces with beautiful description and delicious pisture,
which I enjoyed every click on them.

Long story short, I shouldn’t have spend too much on the preface,
sight on the cake, u can visually tell its fluffliness, I was almost want it to
take over the place of bread, due to its texture and low carb non salt properties.
However, This idea gone after mate told me the fact brutally that its made out of
3 EGGS. Still it’s high in cholesterol.

The cakes shown above was baked in oven at 180degree celcius.
The original recipe was designed for those who don’t have a oven at home,
where a non stick pan can do the job of oven, but it took me more than 30mins
to bake it to a buff finish (which shown below). I prefer the texture of oven baked cake
much more than pan baked one, as 30mins was more than enough to reduce its moisture,
creating some dryness to it.

I filled them with strawberry jam and red bean paste, it taste really yum with them,
I’d love to add some drizzle of icing sugar or honey with banana slices if I’ve some at home.

Non baked low carbs cake

Non baked low carbs cake

Note: If you have a rectangle baking pan at home please do use it to try this recipe,
you can easily make a swiss roll out of it.

8 grains & beans soup

8 grains & beans soup

In the same morning we had this 8 grains beany soup with our cake,
but he doesn’t really like this soup, and I bought the premixed grains and bean from
chinese grocery shop, I actually love it but mate left quite a spoonful in his bowl,
telling me his disagreement. I realised I started being prone to the taste of my love one,
to delight him spontaneously myself.

Almost forgot to post the recipe, here it is,

1. crack n separate 3 egss
2. measure 3 teaspoon of sugar
3. measure 1 table spoon of flour
4. whip the eggs white and sugar to soft peak
5. fold in egg yolks
6. fold in flour.
7. pour in butter wiped baking pan/non-stick frying pan
8. Bake at 180degree celcius or bake on fryin pan with lid covered at gentle heat.

Good night


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