Off to Malaysia Embassy in London

I had spent a minute on deciding the title, where it should be
day in Malaysia embassy or day in London. In fact I spent a day in
London nor Malaysia embassy, but I spent my big fat half day on foot.

In the context of losing my wallet, together with my IC and driving license,
I was advised to report to Malaysia embassy, I was planned to do so weeks ago,
but the forever procastinating police report hold my plan until today.
(Yes, I don't see any difference between police in Malaysia or UK,
in term of their effectiveness, so I guess I wont be so tempted to complaint
Malaysia police anymore.)

Anyway, I made my way to Malaysia embassy with a scibble map,
which later I find it quite useless then as it was too rough to get the way.
However, I took less than 20minutes to find out the right way
(in such a drizzly freezing weather 20minutes was not quick enough),
Having the Malaysia flat spotted is such delighting thing in this depressing morning.

In the Malaysia embassy, I smell, see and sense Malaysia,
the ambiance, the decoration, the language and the people
were all pieced up the picture of my home country.
One of the most significant thing is the small canteen
at the corner selling nasi lemak by "tudung" ladies,
and malay speaking person was crowded with cup of tea tarik each.
That's it the smell, picture and sound of Malaysia.

The thing I can't ignore was the time consuming process of any document
handled by them, which is persist perpetually no matter in Malaysia or UK,
maintaining their own personality is good huh?!

So, I was told to come back 3 hours later, its seem to be a long time to go,
but it was actually too long for me to stay in a coffee shop,
and too short to deal with my phone in China town. I was then decided
to have my phone unlock by today, hence mentally plus physically consesus
to pay a walk.

Instead of swaggering around I was striding the whole afternoon,
as my thrifty mind not allowed me to spend a sum of bus fare for just
reporting IC lost, which was so so so wasteful, I got to make it worth for
each pence I paid..

At the end of the day, I sat shiveringly on coach and waited for the
forever belated bus. The weather was getting atrocious, I was hoping
for a cup of hot pure dark chocolate (with hazelnut syrup without cream and milk)
to help me fight with the coldness and. Somehow I miss the humane sunlight in Malaysia.

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