X’mas Scene lunch box – Sun dried tomato Tuna Linguini

Sundried tomato linguine

Sundried tomato linguine


I have a bottle of sun dried tomato in oil, it was placed in my shopping basket
due to a recipe of 10 minutes vegetable soup, it was an optional flavour,
but I took it as a MUST, with a speck of hesitation (I wasn’t sure I would use it
anymore after the soup) I brought it home.

The soup thing is a nother story, so back to business, I was searching linguini recipe
in a rush, I’d bought a pack of fresh spinach linguini without a though on how to use it,
(the buy first think later bahaviour made my drawer, shelves and cupboard full of
food ingredients) but I do want to slurp it tonight. Read through pages and pages
of pasta recipe, I found the simple but rapturous one.

Sundried tomato linguine

Sundried tomato linguine

I love colorless sauce either for pasta or salad, manifesting garlic pasta
perfect for me, and the original recipe involved only 4 ingredients,
garlic, red chili, sea salt and tuna (in oil). The rebellinous deep inside me
wasn’t allowed me to follow the recipe exactly, so I quadrupled the garlic and doubled
the amount of red chili. I always enjoy saute garlic (or onion) then red chili..

I believe food is a medley of your favour ingredients to create a very you like
piece of production, so I added in a tiny bit of sugar, sun dried tomato (in oil)
and some pickle.They were truly fascinating!!

When I suggested him to bring a lunch box, he requested to reproduce
last night meal. I have to emphasize he seldom (almost never) repeat the same dishes
for consecutive days, this can be explained by tedious-hatred manner of him,
or I never made divine dishes or this is really a perfect one!

Sundried tomato linguine

Sundried tomato linguine

Such a easy peasy linguini is worth to stay in my cookbook.


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