Make my own thick western broccoli soup

Healthy thick broccoli soup

Healthy thick broccoli soup

(I forgot t clean the soup edge, but I love the rustic of it.)

I’ve recently added a gadget to my kitchen’s appliances collection.
It is a hand blender + chopper that I longing for more than half year,
ignore all my considerations to click one on internet in the past 6 months,
mate finally relented to make my dream come true.
(We have no reason to say no to a gift.)

I didn’t dupe him to buy it. Bactrack to the incidence of chunky vegetable soup
that I made on the other day, which was a WESTERN soup, he gave
quite a recoil expression, as in his opinion, western soup should be
thick, creamy and without a speck of visible chewable chunk, also
at least translucent (it was transparent soup like chinese soup).
I argued I can’t make any thick-creamy-chunkiless soup unless
I have a hand blender/blender/chopper. So I acquired a blender
mentally on that day and materilised it 2 days ago.

He provides the tools and i roll up my sleeves to make soup.
There was so many variety of soup that you can easily grab from
internet, the first in my list was tomato soup, but it end up
involves too much of herb that I have none of them on hand.
So I retreat to the simple start–Broccoli soup.

Simple and low fat Thick broccoli soup

Simple and low fat Thick broccoli soup

1. 1 medium Shallot (red onion) chopped
2. 1 medium yellow onion chopped
3. 2 cloves garlic chopped
4. 2 Tbs butter/olive oil
5. 1 1/2 cups of broccoli head and cut into florets
6. 1 large potato cut into tiny dices
7. 3-4 cups of vegetable/chicken broth
8. Parmesan/Cheddar cheese

1. Melt the butter in a medium heat pot.
2. Saute red and yellow onion until soft and add in a big pinch of salt
3. Add in garlic and potato dices, slightly stir fried for minutes.
4. Pour in broth and boil it until potato become tender.
5. Add in broccoli florets and cook for 2-4 minutes.
6. Remove from heat and blend it to puree form.
7. Sprinkle some freshly grated parmesan cheese to taste.

Thick broccoli soup

Thick broccoli soup

We were both happy with the result. Consider the amount of vegetable used,
and omitted cream, this soup can be considered as a healthy soup,
where the ratio of vegetable, starch to fat is 4:1.5:0.5,
you could reduce the amount of oil and potato but as well as the thickness,
if you’re a huge fans of health concerned society.

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