Massive passion on working

Based on the title, I might have confused people that I've gotten
a great job in my own field, but it is a waitressing job in one of the
buffet restaurant own by BBI (British bornt Indian) brothers.

My mom was always hoping her daugther to study hard and more,
so they would be able to live independently in the future. "You have
to study hard to get a high pay yet flexible job office job otherwise,
you'll end up standing in the shopping mall for whole day long
resulting a bad looking calf (as a sale/promoter) and marry a bad
 husband." she advised me. I knew she tried to exagerate it to
aware me from being laziness, but it is just a way irony that
I'm now working as a waitress.

Working in an environment filled with world cuisine is much better
than in a old folk boutique (my ex-job), although it is tiring and busy,
still I enjoy more than in the boutique (which allow me to access to
facebook most of the time). I can slot into the time gap and make
a little conversation with people from different world, regarding
the life event (food, movie, living); where the conversation in a boutique
could only link to cloth, accesories, shoes..which was boring for me,
as I have a low vacabulary pool in my mind that can apply in my sentence.

Another thing that make myself passion in my work, is the tips given
after they finished, plus a soft goodbye kiss from some big eyes baby.
The remaining part of the life in restaurant coudn't be described
in much nicer way than terrible.

I've 2 main bosses and 2 minor boss and another manager,
I've to get myself prepared for the command given by any of them,
it would be lovely if they had discussed how should everything work
before gave command in unison, so I always do another duty
in the midst of serving customer/polish cutlery/handling food from kitchen.
Some time change the position of cutlery for more than 3 times a day
to fulfilled all my bosses. I'm working for 5 of them but receiving a pay.
It is fair enough as they're sharing one restaurant, though they
tripled or sometimes quadrupled my workload.
I believe in KARMA, all of the goodness that I get at the end will
enable me to travel around europe, getting a branded bag and
a new laptop (maybe?). I was getting so excited everytime listening
to the foreign folk song in the restaurant, which remind me the divine
time I had in Greece then realise I'm working for my dream,
again I melt into a big sweet smile to all the "God" in the restaurant,
who partially contritbute to my future trip.

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