Snippest of life

2010 Christmas lighting in London

2010 Christmas lighting in London

Working in a restaurant mean you don’t have day off on most of the BIG day.

I was working on both Christmas and new year eve. But I managed to
have an early celebration, travel down to London to catch a snapshot
of Christmas lighting in London city center and funfair in Leicester Square.
We spent half day sitting in a Chinese restaurant to read some gossip magazine
and savour the authentic chinese food, it was so relaxing and the life
that I used to have in Malaysia come into my mind.

2010 Christmas lighting in London

2010 Christmas lighting in London

I played tantrum whenever I was being aside when he having fun with his camera,
so making me obsess in photographing is brilliant. I did some shooting at that night,
cause he festooned photographing in such a charming way.

2010 Christmas lighting in London

2010 Christmas lighting in London

At that night my hand was being hold in his, we walked into the crowd,
we’re promised to make our way back to London again for theatre.

2010 Christmas lighting in London

2010 Christmas lighting in London

The day after new year eve, we again stepped into London city,
we’re expecting a great theatre and lunch. We move from booth to booth,
to check for the lowest price for Sister’s act’s ticket, and finally get it at
39.5pound, we weren’t sure if it is the cheapest but anticipate that it couldn’t be
any cheaper. We paid the tickets and we get into a cozy dinky japanese restaurant,
we had a great eel’s rice, assorted of sushi and tempura ika.

Our tiny table was joined with another table, resulting a small movement room,
though the food was divine, I couldn’t help myself to feel I was dining in a busy canteen.
After filled ourself with all those delicious meal, we bought some sushi from
Japan center then plonked ourself in the next door “IT’SU” restaurant,
again, it’s a japanese light food restaurant, we found it warm, comfort
and suitable for a pre-pre-tea for Theatre. We had some tea and
special made juices there to go with our sushi and gossip magazine.
(I’ve never found that HK gossip magazine is such a mind-relaxing magazine)

You’d gasp in horror that our next activity after pre-theatre tea was dinner,
but indeed, we had our dinner after tea and before heading to theatre.

It was drizzling, when we stepped out of the restaurant. We strode toward
the theatre with a map on hand. After settled down on our seat, we started shooting
some picture in memory of our very first theatre experience in UK.
It was so amazing, we realised we’d far under-estimated their performances,
background and every single detail of them.

You can’t imagine if you’d never been here. The automation of the backgrounds,
the specifically made backround for every scence and shopisticated prop that
utilised, they all amazed me. We’re glad that we had the chance to experience
all this in our lifetime, and we’re happy that we’re together at every special moment.

We took a train home with smile hanging on face, the happiness deep inside us,
couldn’t fade over in days.


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