Chinese new year in Malaysia

I bought my flight ticket 6days ago, everything was happened out of sudden,
the infection/allergy thingy plus the tedious work I have in the past few weeks,
lurched my stomach and force myself to give myself a break.

Maybe I've had terrible homesick that I can't tell.

Anyway, those factors lead to a good ending, that I'm flying back to Malaysia.
Though I might lose my job, the most scarry consequances of losing  my job is
waving away my LV, GUCCI, BURBERRY and Egypt trip. At this stage,
I've overcome the money problem, mean I've accepted the fact of
being able to travel to 9 countries without buying any branded bag,
still it would be a marvallous trip whenever I have my beloved one
going with me.

Since the day I bought my ticket, I've been hallucinating all the events I would
participate, food I would eat and song I would listen in my mom's car.
I am over the moon with all the forthcoming events in Malaysia,
and the most exciting thing is my dearest one is going with me, HURRAY!!

I'd brought my D60 with me so I could capture something or food while
having holidays at home, I reaaly can't stop myself from wailing and laughing!

stop here, cause I really can't put my feeling into word anymore,
and I have to watch movie and wait for my flight.. heheheh!!

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