[Denmark] Serene day in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

A family picnic in Kongens Have (King’s park), a park surrounding Rosenburg Castle..

Denmark is one of the city that I’d recommend my friend visit to,
it is a fairy tales city that exist in reality, which I truely really after.
And there, a great fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen was cultured;
plus the most wanted childhood toys — LEGO has been produced!!

Of course I’m a big fans of both Fairytales and LEGO,
they make my childhood, and so I made a pilgrimage to Denmark.

We’re both amazed at how pretty was the city, and how delicious was their Sausage!
My partner said he could replace his whole week meal with denmark sausage,
after a month of travelling he proved it, as well as I did.

I did not take too much of photo, due to the bad weather on the first day
and my lazziness on the second day.

Well, you see, no one would pick up camera instead of lolling on the green grass,
in such a good weather, so I chose the latter, and my partner did the job.

This was the last place we visit to in Copenhagen, and by the time we reached the castle,
it was closed, hence, my partner could only have some exterior look in his memory card.

It was depressing? NO!
The park surrounding the castle was brilliant though it lacked of maintenance,
but the atmosphere was great and I admire such a green place for public to relax and rest on.
If I weren’t wearing a skirt and feeling too hot, I must had rolled on the grass!!


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