[England] The last snippest of life

Mavala foot gel

Mavala foot gel


The place we stayed in Hatfield has a outlet mall (Galleria) within 10minutes walking distance.This outlet mall has a big range of branded stores, from Laura Ashley to FCUK, it was a pity that I´m not going to settle in UK, where I could get every single piece of furniture from Laura Ashley outlet store and transform my tedious room into a lovely vintage style.

Anyway, I´m moving back to my lovely home in Malaysia, I can´t ship Laura Ashley back. I leave it for my child(ren), they will do the job for me.

Back to the reality, I got something reasonable to save my crackled, sore feet. I have never done anything on top of this problem, until the day in Germany, it got so serious that my whole feet cracked even my toes cracked. Plus the non-stop walking tour, the soreness was inexplicable.

I was lucky enough to pack a sample size Mavala foot gel into my cosmetic purse, I rubbed it to my feet, it was amazingly refreshing, curing my soreness in a night, and it dry in second that I could walk on carpet without stickiness or adhering dirt to my feet.

However, my feet cracked so serious that using only foot gel has merely no effect on it.

Hard skin remover

Hard skin remover

As soon as we back from the first trip, we went to the outlet mall I bought a normal size of Mavala foot gel and a hard skin remover. After 2-3times hard skin removal, and various times of foot gel and lotion application, it resume a smooth texture. With a pair of smooth feet, I dare to use  it to smooth my partner hair, and play a silly phone game with him (shaking my foot right beside his ear and ask him to pick it up, XDDDDD)!!

I though I would post some culinary work on my last page of UK life, but shopping filled our time, and cooking was aimed to clear our stock, so it wasn´t that yummy.I´m looking forward to my new page of life in Malaysia now, so kicking the old UK life away with my foot gel post!


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