[Skincare] Escape from tanning

Biotherm SPF 50 sunblock

Biotherm SPF 50 sunblock

Ha!! I got it at half price!!

Told you, Galleria is a good place to do shopping!

After the first trip, we realised we both needing a sunblock badly. I assure you can´t spot  us out of a a group of indians by now, my mate was so upset with his skin tone, I´m.. not really ok with it, but I think I could live with this tanned skin if my mate is going to be such tan FOREVER.

The fact is, he wouldn´t be like this forever, to be on the safe side, I got this and applied it EVERYDAY. He did apply it, but the thing is we got to remove it like removing make up after day long, as a guy he might do it when I´m around, but he wouldn´t do it after all, as he did´t have a make-up remover! XDDDD

Picking Biotherm had 3 major reasons, where it was cheap (in Galleria), reliable (in accordance to my sisters, where I listen to their suggestion as I believe we all have the same skin type) and thirdly I used Biotherm before and it cause no skin problem to me.

The best part of this product was it didn´t have a bad smell like the one I used years ago nor fragrance, sometime frangrance added cosmetic wasn´t that good to  your health, so I´m aware of it (especially fragranced sanitary pad). Also, it fluidness make it easy to apply and bring no stickiness to our face. However, I don´t know if it works (slow down the tanning process), but I hope it can be a good barrier to UV light, slow down aging process and reduce white head (closed comedo).

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