2012 Tokyo – Spend RM2800 & travel 5 days around Tokyo – Inventory, Flight ticket & traveling seasons


It was 1 years ago, I woke up in a morning, scanning through my emails and found Airasia flight promotion newsletter, there it link me to the Tokyo flight promotion. All-inclusive price of a Tokyo return ticket cost only RM690. I immediately called my best travelling partner JK with my trembling finger. Without second though he urged me to book the flight to Tokyo. Date? “You decide.”


I had bad experience of travelling on bad season, where the weather was not so suitable for travelling yet attraction closed earlier. Since then I will search the weather before I book the ticket, if you really like some cultural activity, remember to find out when is the time of their special festival season of the place you travelling to.


I had chosen to travel on middle of July, Summer. During Summer time, you may get the chance to join Bon Odori. Yet, it is sale period which it start around early June to middle of July, but there was still sale on going until the day I got home (22 July). It was summer day, sometime hot, sometime not too hot but rainy day. After all I still take it as a good time to travel in Tokyo.


But I had missed something out, which is the arrival time. We arrived in Tokyo Hanneda Airport around 1030pm, and it took us around 1 hours at custom, as we completed all the procedure, it was 12am already, where most of the low cost public transport has stopped. Besides, we missed out the chances of buying Keikyu Haneda/Subway pass, which only available in airport and the counter was closed at 1030pm.

Money matter??

A lot of friends told us that they have spent around 10k/person for travelling a week in Tokyo (exclusive flight & accommodation).  Wow, 10k, that’s almost the amount I paid to travel around Europe, that’s really a freaking number. During the trip we did not purposely save from food or any thing but it took us less than RM2800 (flight, accommodation, transportation & food) per person to travel 5 days in Tokyo.

Calculated as in per person
Flight ticket ** RM 690
5nights accommodation RM 800
Transportation RM 500
Food RM 500
Others (Administration fee & etc) RM 300

**Airasia have this kind of promotion throughout the year, but the longest travelling period promotion fall at the end of the years (around September, if I not mistaken, just pay more attention at the end of the year).

Please feel free to email me (olioolive@yahoo.com.tw) for more information or any query on self-travelling to Tokyo, Japan.

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