Saturday, EAT in Ben’s General Food Store


Publika is one of the shopping mall that I likes to spend my time at. It has a lot of unique store that selling some handcraft thingy or something old/retro. I could spend a whole afternoon on walk in and out of all these shop, looking into their creativity, it is interesting to find something special that has been invented out there. And not to forget the variety of good Restaurant in Publika.

Another reason that Publika is so attractive to me, is due to the Ben’s General Food Store. It is an mini international market that really near to my place. I found nice blue cheese and good cookies there. Yet, the restaurant under Ben’s General Food Store was just tempting enough to get my attraction.


They serve a big bottle of bottomless sky juice. I respect those restaurant which serve bottomless sky juice, I take it as an extra service to the customer, extra credit to the restaurant.


I have forgotten the name of this delicious bread, it is from Ben’s General Food Store’s Bakery. I can’t resist from savoring them once we were seated.


Recently I was craving Roasted chicken. We ordered half chicken which serve with 2 salads of your choice to share. Chicken was crisp on the skin and inner was soft and juicy. Salads was as good as those I had tasted in Europe, where their dressing was unique and scrumptious, we can stop scooping salad into your mouth. We might fight for the food if we were not too full that day.


Satisfied and happy WEEKEND!


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