[Dress up] – Chillax reading day + outfit

Chillax in Kinokuniya

Chillax in Kinokuniya



Victoria print dress

White fluffy cardigan


There always some place or someone that would sooth your feeling and console your soul easily.

Kinokuniya is the place that I never get bored of paying visit (on a weekly basic?? yea, I wish too).

They keep a wide range of books, where I could easily find the answer for my doubts.


Today, I finally found my American time for it. Stepping on the shinning wooden floor,

eyeing on the colorful book and smelling the book fragrance greedily,

wander from one section to another, from fictions to cook book.

Picking out a book from the shelf; sit on the wooden floor and flipping through.

I felt satisfied with an afternoon slipping through my finger like this.


How I wish I could have Kinokuniya book store beside of my house.


Happy Labour day!!


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